Month: January 2018

Ring of Solomon aka Jupiter’s Ring(गुरु मुद्रिका)-PART 2

If the Ring of Solomon goes to life line then he gets grace of a teacher. If the hand is a beautiful one then he gets success in his sadhana. He may have inner divine power. It’s a line of emotional moods. Actually due to impact of good area of Jupiter  he is a artist, […]

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Republic day of India(Bharat)

Some known and lesser known facts: Every year 26 January is celebrated as the republic day of free India.On 26th January 1950 India has adopted the constitution. Actually no one has written the constitution but the credit of  drafting is given to  Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar as he  was  the chairman of the  Drafting Committee of […]

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Ring of Solomon aka Jupiter’s Ring(गुरु मुद्रिका)-PART 1

RING OF SOLOMON (JUPITER’S RING aka  गुरु मुद्रिका )- Part 1 Other names : The Ring of Jupiter (The Bhrispati Mudrika,The  Guru Mudrika) The line of Initiation (The Diksha Rekha) दीक्षा रेखा Line of Renunciation (The Veragaya Rekha) वैराग्य रेखा Ring -The circular line which surrounds the planet completely, known as a ring. Soloman –King […]

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Missile of Barbarik (Ancient Weapons of Mass Destruction-Series)

MORE POWERFUL THAN AMERICA’s MOAB (Massive Ordinance Air Blast) Guided missile of Trump (American Missile), A GBU-43 Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB) which was dropped on Afghanistan is nothing in front of Barbarik’s arrow (missile). BARBARIK is a legendary hero of Mahabharata who was able to finish everyone and uncountable people with his three infallible […]

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Intuition Line

INTUITION LINE aka LINE OF MOON aka LINE OF SPIRIT aka BOW Of INTUITION Intuition plays a very important role in every aspect of life whether it is scientific or spiritualistic. It guides us like a flame in unexplored darkness. It is a very rare line founds in a palm. When this line is present, […]

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Life is a pattern

Understand the pattern  to change your destiny so that you can easily swim in the ocean of māyā (illusion). We are going to reveal the BIGGEST SECRET. So keep visiting for LIFE CHANGING INFORMATION.  

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